About Us

Picture of Nick Slagle
Nick Slagle Broker / Owner

I was born in Rogers and apart from my college years (bachelor’s degree in accounting and business management), I have lived in Benton County my entire life. A true local to NWA is a rarity these days and no one is positioned as well as I am to truly understand this market. As a rental property owner myself, I understand the challenges that we owners face. I have been managing rental property since 2011, and Home Roots Property Management grew from the need of a few of my out of state friends who had unsuccessfully searched for a competent and trustworthy property manager.

Choosing the right property manager can make or break your rental business in many ways. We are not all the same. You want to be sure that your investment goals align with the management philosophy of the manager you choose. I believe that the property owner’s best interest should always be most important in our guidance. Without our homeowner clients, we are not in business.

There are two major things that suck money out of your rental business: vacancy and maintenance. I take care of every property under management as if it were my own, which includes consulting with you when important decisions need to be made. In this ever-growing (hot) market, housing is in short supply. It is extremely important to keep up with current market rent rates while also maintaining high occupancy. I can provide you with the experience and advice to make educated choices which will ensure that your rental is as profitable as possible. Rent needs to be paid on time every time and your real estate assets need careful attention to be certain that they maintain market value in our growing area.